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White Label Digital Marketing Services

Many design, branding and development agencies have been asked by clients to take on their digital advertising. It sounds like a good gig, monthly recurring revenue, and it can’t be that hard, right?

But reality quickly settles in. It takes a whole other skill set, it is on 24/7 and what the heck is attribution and why should you care?

At the same time, it doesn’t justify a whole new hire. Rock meet hard place.

This is where white labeling can help. We have the people, the tools, the experience, and most of all, we love it!

We do as much as you want us to do. From just handling the accounts and reporting, to acting as a team member and presenting to clients and everything in between.

Digital Marketing White Labeling
Outsource vs In-house

The Struggle is Real

I’ve been there, I feel your pain.  A new client, an overworked staff, but just not enough work for a full-time employee. And even those with just a few years experience are demanding (and receiving) 6-figure salaries.  Other than the used car industry, I don’t know of a more aggressive supply/demand industry than digital marketing right now. Do you risk floating another high salary without knowing when you will sign enough clients to be able to afford it, or do you outsource and risk a chance with a contractor?

Well, as a former full-time agency employee, I know what it takes to keep clients and I will represent your agency as if it was my own.  We are white label digital marketing agency for dozen of agencies over the years and can provide you references. Your clients are extremely important and will receive priority and excellent service.

No Offshoring

All work is completed in the suburbs of Chicago, Central time zone with accommodations for all US time zones, Eastern, Mountain and Pacific.

Don’t wait 6-12 hours to get a response, let alone getting the work done.  And don’t risk non-native English speakers to write ads, ad extensions or reports.  Be confident that our team can join a video call, or answer a client question right away.

And, if you or your client is in the greater Chicago area, in-person meetings are an option!

Chicago Digital Marketing

Your Tools, Our Work

You have a set of tools you have invested in and use for your agency.  No need to re-invent the wheel, we can tap into the systems you have in place. From project management, time keeping, payment/HR systems, email, internal communications and much more. We are truly a white label digital marketing agency.

And don’t worry if you don’t have tools in place, we can work with you to work with our tools if needed. Or maybe you don’t have a standard client reporting system or need a shopping feed system, we’ve got you covered.

And if you want us to be client facing, we can use your email.

In other words, we can tap into as much or as little as you need us to. We want to make it as easy for your and your team.

Buy the Hours You Need

We make this easy, we offer bundles of hours for monthly use.  The more hours, the less the cost per hour.

Change in plans or don’t need as many hours as you thought? No problem, no long term contract and you can change your plan for the following month by the 25th of the current month. And you can carry over 15% of your hours for up to two months.

Plus, billing is sent the month after the work is done, 30 day terms, keeping your cash flow positive.

Hour Packages

Our Work in Our Client's Own Words

“When COVID hit and I could no longer attend in-person networking functions, my leads went from 25 a week to 0. Jen and the team were able to quickly put a plan together to advertise my services on Google.  Over a couple of months, leads are now exceeding 30 per week for about the same cost as membership, food/drink and travel to those networking meetings.  Business is good again, thank you Digital Hawks!”

Paul Lopes

“Jen and her team developed and delivered a Facebook Advertising strategy for a brand new jewelry line our store was offering. We had never advertised on social media prior and were a little skeptical. They took the time to explain their strategy, how social media advertising worked, and we were will to try it.  The Digital Hawks team were right, and it has been the top performing advertising for us ever since. Thank you!”

Mary Kemper

“The Digital Hawks turned around our failing paid search, display and social advertising efforts.  After many attempts with contractors and internal team members, we knew we needed an expert.  Jen and her team turned things around almost immediately.  Not only did they clean-up the accounts and get them on track, they also expanded them and continue to do so on a monthly basis. I don’t know what we would do without them.”

Ben Jackson

Our Case Studies

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