Use Popular Trends to Increase Sales

12 Jan

It is January, the time of resolutions – is your business taking advantage of the “new me” attitude? Whether you made resolutions, or already broke them, many people do and spend money to help meet their goals.

And you do not have to be a weight loss, exercise, eat healthy type business to take advantage of the trend. In fact, if you are the opposite of a healthy business, say a donut shop, you can have some fun with your marketing and advertising. I would look twice at an advertising telling me to make a new eating resolution, new donut flavor every day for a month! Or, broke your resolution already, have a free donut on us!

In addition to new, usually positive resolutions, it is the season of organizing, de-cluttering or other home organization. Sticking with my donut shop example: “Come organize a box full of donuts, free box!” – there is so many opportunities to be unique and funny.

And, it may not make a sale every time, but you had your business name in front of someone. Perhaps it made them pause and laugh. And maybe they will remember you when they need a donut.

Too many times small business are shy of taking advantage of the current trends, assuming buyers are only focused on either sales or items they don’t sell that fit the trend, but instead have some fun with the trend if your product or service does not fit it. Or you can always offer a special promotion to incentive customers if you are not feeling too creative. Just do something! Action is the key when trends are happening. Do not over think it, and just do something.

If you have done something fun this January in marketing with a play on resolutions or home organization, please share in the comments below.

Jen D

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