The Roller Coaster Ride of Google Ads: Don’t Jump Ship Just Yet!

19 Oct

The Roller Coaster Ride of Google Ads: Don’t Jump Ship Just Yet!

Ah, Google Ads! The digital marketer’s equivalent of that unpredictable cousin who just can’t decide whether they’re coming to the family BBQ or not. Some days they’re the life of the party, bringing in incredible results. Other days? It’s like they’ve ghosted you, even when you’ve kept everything consistent.

First off, a reality check. If you’re under the impression that your Google Ads will hum along generating the same results day in, day out, then I hate to break it to you, but the digital world doesn’t operate like clockwork. And here’s why:

1. Humans Aren’t Robots!

Shocking, I know. Just as you might wake up craving avocado toast one day and a blueberry muffin the next, search habits change. Tuesday might be all about searching for the “best hiking shoes,” and by Friday, it’s about “comfiest couches for Netflix binges.” We’re fickle beings, okay?

2. The Varying Volumes of Search

Imagine Google as the busiest bar in town. One day it’s packed, and other days it’s just you and that suspiciously quiet guy in the corner. Search volume varies! Weekends might see a surge while weekdays are slow. And then there’s that random Wednesday that’s off the charts for no discernible reason. Maybe it was a national “Let’s All Google Random Stuff” day. Who knows?

3. Over-Correcting vs. Under-Correcting

Spot a slight dip in your ad performance? Resist the urge to overhaul everything! It’s a lot like seeing one grey hair and deciding to dye your entire head neon pink. Fun? Yes. Necessary? Probably not. Over-correcting can send your campaigns into a tailspin, while under-correcting, though cautious, might mean missed opportunities. It’s all about balance!

4. Your Daily Life Roller Coaster

Think of the last time you had a consistent week. The same mood, same diet, same energy levels. Can’t recall one? That’s because life is full of peaks and troughs. Now, apply that to the millions searching on Google. Monday might be optimistic (new week, new me!) while Thursday feels like diving deep into existential queries. So, if Google Ads mirrored our life’s inconsistency, why are we surprised?

So, What Should You Do?

Before you channel your inner Hulk and start making dramatic changes, pause and breathe. One or even seven days of fluctuating results doesn’t necessarily signal the end of the world.

If you notice a sudden dip, don’t start a frenzied game of digital Jenga, pulling out blocks and hoping the tower doesn’t topple. Instead, monitor for a little longer. Give it a week (or two!). But if you absolutely must do something (because let’s face it, patience isn’t every marketer’s strong suit), then make a small tweak. And I do emphasize “small.”

Closing Thoughts

Google Ads, with all its quirks and fluctuations, is a bit like the weather. Sometimes predictable, sometimes throwing a curveball. Would you change your entire wardrobe just because it rained one day? (If yes, please invite me to your next garage sale!)

In the same way, let’s treat our Google Ads campaigns with a mixture of patience, humor, and a dash of skepticism. After all, they’re just trying to mirror our wonderfully inconsistent human nature. And isn’t that what makes life (and marketing) interesting?

Jen D

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