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Request a Digital Marketing Proposal

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Hey, we get it.  You want to see what we can do. And specifically what we would do for you.

We are happy to spend some time taking a look at your website, and provide a high-level strategy and even recommended budgets.

Fill out the form to the right and indicate the top 3 services you are looking for and we will put together a forecast and proposal together.

We will be in touch if we need any additional information.

We customize our strategy to each individual business so we do need time to research and develop the strategy.  Items we included in our high-level strategy:

  • Recommended channels/ad types
  • Recommended budget by channel/ad types
  • Sample keywords and/or audience targeting
  • Sample ad copy (search ads)
  • Forecast of impressions, clicks and conversions

Since we only develop individualized high-level strategy, we need a little time to put it together.  Expect a response in three (3) business days.

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  • “When COVID hit and I could no longer attend in-person networking functions, my leads went from 25 a week to 0. Jen and the team were able to quickly put a plan together to advertise my services on Google.  Over a couple of months, leads are now exceeding 30 per week for about the same cost as membership, food/drink and travel to those networking meetings.  Business is good again, thank you Digital Hawks!”

    Paul Lopes

  • “Jen and her team developed and delivered a Facebook Advertising strategy for a brand new jewelry line our store was offering. We had never advertised on social media prior and were a little skeptical. They took the time to explain their strategy, how social media advertising worked, and we were will to try it.  The Digital Hawks team were right, and it has been the top performing advertising for us ever since. Thank you!”

    Mary Kemper

  • “The Digital Hawks turned around our failing paid search, display and social advertising efforts.  After many attempts with contractors and internal team members, we knew we needed an expert.  Jen and her team turned things around almost immediately.  Not only did they clean-up the accounts and get them on track, they also expanded them and continue to do so on a monthly basis. I don’t know what we would do without them.”

    Ben Jackson

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