Google Ads + Google Analytics = A Perfect Combo!

19 Dec

When we onboard a new client, one of our first request is to be given access to Google Analytics. On occasion, the owner or marketing person asks why we need access, shouldn’t we just need the Google Ads account. And while yes, we can just work with Google Ads, but marrying the two together, where the two platforms can actually talk and share information is perfect marriage.

First thing to consider is typical consumer journey can take over 10 touch points before they follow your desired action. Understanding the full journey through Google Analytics is key to developing a strategy as well as the success of all campaigns.

Next, with the platforms sharing information, we can look in Google Analytics and see all your marketing efforts and what is working. Is there a particular messaging working better in another campaign that is better than what is running in search? This gives us an opportunity to see this and test the messaging in search. Or vice versa, and you can test search messaging in print.

Also, connect the two always a sharing of audience information. So in search we are not limited to the audience search is already drawing in, but the full audience of you site for robust learning and targeting.

Finally, Google Analytics for most small businesses is free, so why would you not use it and connect it to Google Ads where you are spending money?

Jen D

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