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29 Sep

Navigating the “Control Freak” Syndrome: Why Your Agency’s “Shopping-Only” Mindset Might Be a Red Flag 🚩

NAVIGATING THE “CONTROL FREAK” SYNDROME: WHY YOUR AGENCY’S “SHOPPING-ONLY” MINDSET MIGHT BE A RED FLAG 🚩 Welcome to the fascinating world of digital marketing, where every marketer believes they have the secret sauce to online success! And yes, this is the realm where sometimes professionals might tell you to stick

01 Feb

Business Impacted by Weather? We Got You Covered: Campaign Weather Management

Every business can be impacted by weather, but some actually rely on it. The umbrella salesman needs rain. The water park needs sun and warmth. But even the ice cream store needs better weather to have better sales. Although I am not one to let a little rain stop me from getting a scoop!

06 Jan

Small Business Advertising Why it Should Include Digital

Small business advertising should include digital advertising, but many small businesses do not believe in digital advertising, opting for more traditional methods, or perhaps limited or no advertising.  There are many reasons why even small, local business should advertise digitally.   Here is why.