Every business can be impacted by weather, but some actually rely on it. The umbrella salesman needs rain. The water park needs sun and warmth. But even the ice cream store needs better weather to have better sales. Although I am not one to let a little rain stop me from getting a scoop!

Are you worried about spending money on advertising that is not resulting in sales due to weather? Or even worse, that you are missing out on sales because the weather is in your favor?

With weather campaign management, we do not have to be meteorologists, or online 24/7 to manage according to the weather. We can work with you on ideal or not so ideal weather patterns, including temperature, precipitation and wind speed to change bidding or serving your ads. And not to worry, if you have multiple locations that are a fair distant apart, we can make sure that we are adjusting the right location based on its weather conditions, and not be influenced by another location.

Lets say you have an umbrella store in A Town, and a swimming suit store in B Town, over 150 miles away. We define the best weather conditions from the umbrella store as “Rainy, temperature between 60 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit, precipitation of above 1mm of rain in the last three hours, with wind speed below 40.” And we want bids to increase by 20% when the weather conditions in A Town match this.

However, we want the swimming store to reduce bids by 20% when B Town also reaches this type of weather. And we would do the opposite of bidding up for the swimming suit store when “Sunny, temperature above 70 degrees Fahrenheit, precipitation below 1mm of rain in the last three hours, with wind speeds below 15.” And these sunny conditions for the umbrella store would be used to bid down. We could also customize these conditions further and not use the same template for the stores as well.

By including the geo-location attached to these weather selections, if both towns are experiencing the same weather pattern at the same time, one will bid down, one will bid up.

We are alerted to the changes and can monitor and override where we may need or want to. This includes feedback from you. If you are a business with only so many resources, like a plumber with so many people or trucks available and you can’t take any more appointments, even if the weather is perfect for conditions for you, we can make the adjustments as you need.